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The kindness and generosity of our donors help us to offer the best and most up-to-date services possible. The following is a list of much needed items that are not covered by ABVI and Goodwill of the Finger Lakes’ budgets. To donate funds to purchase any of these items, or to donate the items themselves, please contact Tracy Schleyer, CFRE, at tschleyer@abvi-goodwill.com or (585) 697-5780.


SPOT Vision Screener: $8,145

Our Early Vision Screening program provides vision screenings for children from six months old through kindergarten who attend Rochester’s ABC Head Start programs, child care centers, and other agencies serving at-risk children. The SPOT Vision Screener is used to conduct the screenings. It is easy to operate, non-invasive, yields more accurate results than any other screening method, and provides immediate results indicating if the child has passed the screening or not. If the child does not pass, the screening results and information on how to access an eye exam are provided for the parent. Through this program, we are helping the youngest in our community see their world more clearly and provide a foundation for future success! We are in need of upgrading our current model to the latest version of the screening equipment.


iPad for Adjustment to Vision Loss Groups: $750

Through our Adjustment to Vision Loss (AVL) group series, participants are able to receive emotional support from others in similar situations, and coping techniques from our social workers as they adjust to their visual impairment. Because participating in the AVL groups can be impossible for those who live in Counties outside of Monroe due to lack of transportation, we want to provide access to the groups by implementing the use of an iPad. Someone living in Wayne County for instance, can achieve the same outcomes as those gathered at our main campus in Rochester via video and audio linkages provided by the iPad and Skype. Our ability to reach these individuals through this technology will enhance our service delivery and provide hope where hope was lost.


Technology Upgrades for the Adaptive Technology Center: $575

Mainstream technology that can be used by people who are blind or visually impaired to complete tasks independently is always evolving. With the current technology, people can use voice activation to search for information on the internet, play music, and even turn up the heat! Our adaptive technology team is committed to being on the fore front of this technology and providing demonstrations and resources so that people in our community can make purchase decisions and learn how to use it. In order to do this, we need to update the equipment in our Adaptive Technology Center.

1 Amazon Echo

5 Smart Plugs

2 Wi-Fi Smart LED Lightbulbs

1 Canary All-in-One Home Security Device


Scotch Advanced Thermal Laminator with Laminator Pouches: $125

As you can imagine, reading labels on food packages, reading dials on your stove or washing machine, or being able to see just about anything in your home can be challenging if you are a person with vision loss. In many situations, a simple large print label or large print layout of an appliance is the best way to remedy this and allow someone to independently identify items in their home. Currently, our Vision Rehabilitation Therapists make layouts on paper or cover index cards with a clear adhesive such as tape to create large print labels. A laminator would allow labels that are more durable and longer lasting to be made for those who need them.


Braille Paper for our Multi-Media Center: $800

Our Multi-Media Center is located at our main campus in Rochester, but people who are blind or visually impaired from around the world can access this very special service. Our dedicated group of Braille transcribers volunteer their time to create materials in Braille such as utility bills, restaurant menus, and entire books. Even though individuals can access a wealth of information through current technology, Braille remains the only form of literacy for those who are unable to see regular or large print. It is truly the window to the world!


Two Channel Digital Storage Oscilloscope : $1,200

Oscilloscopes are a vital piece of equipment when designing and making high frequency analogue circuits as well as being very useful for evaluating circuitry.   ABVI’s Vision Rehabilitation Center and Manufacturing teams are collaborating with local and international organizations to develop and bring to the global market affordable assistive technologies for people who are blind or visually impaired.  This piece of equipment will be of great value in evaluating performance and function of product concepts and prototypes that are under consideration for production.


Employee Handbook Translation: $2,500

ABVI and Goodwill of the Finger Lakes are a diverse organization. In addition to employees who are blind or visually impaired or have other barriers, many of our employees are more comfortable reading documents in Spanish rather than in English. Our Employee Handbook is a comprehensive guide of standards and expectations for our employees to read and have available at all times. To fulfill our value of accessibility, we want to have our Employee Handbook translated into Spanish, enabling more employees access to this important document.