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Christopher's Story, as told by his mother Kari:

Kari and ChristopherThis is my son Christopher. He is seven years old, likes Legos, playing sports in gym class, and needs prodding to brush his teeth.

Christopher is also blind. He faces challenges that his sighted peers may not.

We reached out to ABVI for emotional support and services. My husband and I joined a parent support group and ABVI provided Christopher with vision services. He was fitted for his first pair of glasses, and exclaimed, “Mommy! I can see you!”

ABVI is a resource so people who are blind or visually impaired can have fulfilling lives, can be successful in school and in careers, and be totally engaged in the community.

ABVI has helped Christopher do what he does best – continue being a kid.



My Story–Lois in her own words:

LoisMy name is Lois. When I was eight, I went blind and I remember wanting to color a picture, but I could no longer see.

When I lost my vision, the world around me lost its colors and shapes. I spent years searching for a place where I could use my artistic talents and find fulfillment.

Ten years ago, I discovered ABVI and they provided me with career training and a job opportunity in the sewing department. I make athletic apparel for the military and truly enjoy my work.

ABVI has given me a place to go every day and I am so grateful for all that they have done for me.



Please consider a gift today so that Christopher, Lois and the many others in our community with similar stories can continue receiving critical services and continue to see great things.

Thank you!