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ABVI created the Visionary Society to thank and honor those who have demonstrated a strong and steadfast commitment to empowering those who are blind or visually impaired. The following members have supported ABVI for the last 10 or more consecutive years.

Visionary Society Members (through December 31, 2015)

Norman J. Aroesty


Beverly T. Andersen


Velma P. Anderson


Richard and Valerie Baum


Christian A. Beltram


Kenneth and Carolyn Berner


Robert and Nancy Blackmun


Ezio Bonanni


Raymond C. Bottner


Richard and Joan Boy


Joseph and Nancy Briggs


Paula D. Briggs


George and Catherine Browning


John and Betsy Carver


Paul and Joan Casterline


Donald and Linda Chapman


William H. Clune


David and Donna Cole


Kathryn M. Cummings


Robert and Joann Dale


Gerald and Elaine Daley


Judy and William Davis, Jr.


Janet T. Davis


Calvin S. De Golyer, Jr.


Ralph G. Dimmick


Sue A. Draves


Michael and Carol Eagan


William J. Elser


Steven and Diane Feldon


Anthony and Beverly Giuliano


Dorothy Green


Steve and Julie Gutch


David and Frances Hall


Nancy L. Hanushek


Robert J. Hawes


Frederick and Rosanne Holbrook


Gidget and John Hopf


Ruth R. Huboi


Louis and Betty Iacona


Michael and Sarah Iacubucci


Joseph and Patricia Istvan


Mary and Ray Jacobi, Jr.


Barbara J. Jones


Eleanor K. Kreutter


Pierre and Dorothy Loncle


William and Sara Love


Barbara E. Marshall


Richard C. Mathner


William and Betty McCullough


Richard and Theresa Mengel


Robert and Jane Morello


Kathryn and George Muller


Mrs. Melvin B. Neisner


Harvey and Elaine Nusbaum


Barbara Nussmann


James and Mary Palmer


Mary Ann Palozzi


Ruth E. Peck


John D. Pfluke


Shirley S. Preston


Marty and Grace Quinn


John and Bonnie Sale


Kenneth and Betty Schirmuhly


Tracy L. Schleyer


Dr. and Mrs. David M. Schrier


Edward and Lisa Schwarz


Robert and Ruth Shone


Leslie and Margaret Shuttleworth


Robert and Mary Jane Skarzynski


Shirley and Iris Skinner


David W. Smith


John Stabile


Gwen and Richard Sterns


John S. Tritten


Virginia Trout


Frank and Esther Van Beltram


Harry C. Van Beurden


Theodore and Joanne VanZandt


Edward and Joan Vanzo


Rudolph and Margaret Warren


Patricia J. Warth


Dan E. Waterstraat


Katherine White-Hitchcock and Richard Hitchcock


Patricia A. Wolfe


Robert D. Zarcone


James and Karen Zielinski