Lockout/Tagout Devices


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     Lockout/Tagout Devices




    Lockout/Tagout Devices

    5340-01-650-2623 Lockout Hasp, 1" Steel with tabs Order Now
    5340-01-650-2673 Lockout Hasp, 1.5" Steel with tabs Order Now
    5340-01-650-2650 Gate Valve Lockout, 1" to 2-1/2" Order Now
    5340-01-650-2651 Gate Valve Lockout, 2-1/2" to 5" Order Now
    5340-01-650-2655 Wall Switch Lockout Order Now
    5340-01-650-2642 Small Plug Lockout Order Now
    5340-01-650-2639 Large Plug Lockout with Label  Order Now
    5340-01-650-2676 Cable/Valve/Hasp Lockout Device  Order Now
    5340-01-650-2617  Safety Padlock, 1 Keyed Different, Red, 1-1/2" Shackle Order Now
    5340-01-650-2677 Safety Padlock, 1 set of 3 Keyed alike, Red, 1-1/2" Shackle  Order Now
    5340-01-650-2636 Safety Padlock, 1 set of 6 Keyed alike, Red, 1-1/2" Shackle  Order Now
    5340-01-650-2663 Universal Single Circuit Breaker Lockout, 3 pack  Order Now
    5340-01-650-2669  Universal Multi-pole Circuit Breaker Lockout, 3 pack Order Now


    Lockout/Tagout Kits

    5925-01-651-1984 24-piece General Lockout Kit Order Now
    5925-01-651-1989 24-piece Lockout Kit with Small Plug Lockout  Order Now
    5925-01-651-1979  26-piece General Lockout Kit
     Order Now
    5925-01-651-2020  27-piece Electrical Lockout Kit with Breaker Lockouts Order Now
    5925-01-651-1995  27-piece Lockout Kit with Plug Lockouts Order Now
    5925-01-651-2030  29-piece Lockout Kit with Valve Lockout  Order Now
    5925-01-651-2026  35-piece Electrical Lockout Kit w/ Breaker & Plug Lockouts  Order Now
    5925-01-651-2042  29-piece Electrical/Valve Lockout Kit
    Order Now


    STOCKED Lockout/Tagout Stations

    5340-01-651-2045 STOCKED Lockout/Tagout Station, 3 Padlocks Order Now
     5340-01-651-2050 STOCKED Lockout/Tagout Station, 8 Padlocks Order Now


    Lockout/Tagout Supplies

    7690-01-651-2053 Lockout Tags, 25-pack Order Now
    6110-01-651-2051 AC Sensor, Sensitivity Range 90v-100VAC, Batteries Incld. Order Now


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