ABVI's Core Values


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RESPECT – Promote an environment where people feel heard, supported and valued.
INTEGRITY – Choose to do the right thing; be honest and accountable for your words and actions.
ACCESSIBILITY – Create and promote equal access to resources that allow every person to be successful.
SELF‐DETERMINATION – Respect that all people have the right to make decisions that affect their lives.
CONFIDENTIALITY – Maintain the highest respect for the people we serve, employees, customers and donors by protecting their privacy.
SERVICE EXCELLENCE – Strive to understand and exceed the expectations of all people.
COMMUNICATION – Share and receive information openly, clearly and promptly.
DEVELOPMENT – Commit to high achievement and continual learning. Embrace challenges as opportunities for growth.
CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT – Create an environment where we relentlessly pursue quality and innovation in everything we do.
CULTURE – Contribute daily to an environment that values learning, caring, creativity and fun.